With over 30 years’ experience in modular building, Builtsmart has the skills and knowledge to manufacture high-quality buildings to all BCA and relevant standards.

We are proudly an Australian owned and operated company with all our materials and supplies sourced locally. 

Our buildings are built undercover in our factories and are quality assured by our construction specialists. 

All projects are 90% factory built ensuring the highest standard of quality control. 

Modular is a fast, easy design and construction process. We offer a practical and sustainable construction solution, without compromising the design or liveability. 

At Builtsmart, we have a comprehensive selection of energy efficient designs available. 

Alternatively, we offer a complete custom design service.

Benefits of Modular Building:

  • Homes are more than 90% complete upon arrival to the site
  • Building time is greatly reduced with standard homes delivered within 30 days* from commencement of construction.
  • Built to all state and local codes for any climate and terrain.
  • Exceeds structural requirements, creating a stronger, solid home.
  • More predictability in time and costs.
  • Assembly line construction means precision quality control.
  • Process repetition means trade specialisation
  • A climate controlled factory environment means no weather delays
  • Less environmental impact on the building site
  • Less risk of time and financial loss due to scheduling trades and material theft on site
  • Modular factories can achieve 50% to 75% less waste than equivalent site built homes through precision cutting and factory processes 

*Conditions apply

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